Guide to Bitcoin Casino Games

The new bitcoin method of ebanking has revolutionized casino gaming, providing a convenient and lucrative method for conducting casino activities using the bitcoin method of casino payments. Not everyone is comfortable with bitcoins, which involves transactions based on mining bitcoins, trading them online and relying on cryptography to determine the worth of each coin. But for the growing number of casino gamers who appreciate the benefits of the bitcoin cybercurrency, playing online games using bitcoin is a satisfactory solution to the question of how to facilitate online casino payments and withdrawals.

There are a growing number of casinos online using bitcoins. Some of the advantages that players cite when they decide to play online casino games using bitcoins are:

  • There are no transaction costs with bitcoins. Users share the responsibility for maintaining the bitcoin network and authorizing transactions which eliminates transaction costs.
  • Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed because only the new owner has the private key that's associated with his bitcoins. So there's no risk involved.
  • Bitcoins cannot be stolen unless the thief has physical access to the bitcoin user's computer. Bitcoins are not accessed via authentication details, but only by physical access.
  • Using bitcoins doesn't enable third-party seizure since there are no copies of the transactions database.
  • Bitcoin usage can't be tracked unless a user publicizes his wallet address publically. This ensures increased privacy as compared to traditional currency systems.

If you've decided to conduct your casino gambling using bitcoins, you can play bitcoin casino games at your leisure at any of the casino venues that support this cybercurrency.

What is Bitcoin?

The digital currency relies on cryptography to create payment methods. If you've decided to use any of the available cybercurrencies to play at the online Canadian casino, you'll need to begin by selecting your preferred cybercurrency from options that include bitcoins, Dogecoin, Mastercoin, NXT, Globe and others. The bitcoin is the most popular cybercurrency and is accepted as a payment method at many online and offline vendors including at Amazon, eBay, Apple’s App Store, Dell, Kmart and Home Depot. Paypal conducts transactions with bitcoin so if you want to convert your cybercurrency into a national currency or into cash, you can do so. You can also use bitcoin to withdraw money and make purchases at your leisure at any of the bitcoin-supporting merchants worldwide.

Play with Bitcoin

More and more top-ranked Canadian casinos accept payments in bitcoins. To find out if your preferred casino supports casino banking in bitcoins or in any of the other cybercurrencies, open your casino website and click on the "Banking" page. Check the listing of the casino-supported payment methods. If your casino accepts a cybercurrency payment method, it will be noted on this page.

If you decide to play games, click on the "Bitcoin" button on the casino's Banking page to indicate that you'll be placing your deposits and withdrawing your winnings in bitcoins. You can continue to play in this fashion for as long as you want – if you decide to move to another ebanking method, notify the casino of the change via the casino's Support Line by email, chat, Whatsapp or a phone call.

Bitcoin Online Casino Options

Regardless of your game choice you can play for real money using your bitcoin wallet The casino offers a wide range of bitcoin casino games. If you prefer to play table games you have your choice of European and American roulette, baccarat and craps. Card game fans can select any of the casino's multi-hand or single-hand blackjack games or move to the poker table for multiple video poker alternatives.Engaging live dealer options, as well as Scratchcards, Keno and other casual casino games, are also waiting to be enjoyed with your virtual coins.

You can also use your bitcoins to play online lotteries or, if you prefer, any of the hundreds of casino slot machines. Video slots feature immersive themes, multiple paylines and several special features, and will transport you to whatever world they are set in as soon as you start to play. Classic slots are a lot simpler, and are closely based on the original one-armed bandit slot machines. They're perfect when you want to slow your gaming pace down a little or stroll down memory lane, even though you'll be using modern cryptocurrency to play the Bitcoin casino games.

Progressive jackpots can be attached to classic or video slots, and pay out some of the biggest returns seen with online casino games in Canada. A portion of every player's bet is added to the central pot, so it keeps growing until someone is lucky enough to trigger the reward. The high-quality games run as normal; the fact that you could win a life-changing amount of money at any time just adds new layers of excitement.

You can play for free at the bitcoin casino at your leisure by selecting the "Free Mode" for your gaming fun. The Free Mode is a no-deposit casino venue where you can play any of your preferred games for free for as long as you want. This mode gives you time to review your techniques and check out the game's rules with no deposit obligations. When you feel ready to play for real with bitcoins or any other currency, click on the "Real Mode" button and make your deposit. Be sure that you've linked Bitcoins or any other preferred banking method, to your account to facilitate your wager.

Mobile Gaming with Bitcoins

You can play all of your favourite casino games on your smartphone or tablet device with cybercurrency. The casino connects to your device via WiFi or cellular connection so you can sign in at your leisure and play at any time and from any location. The mobile casino interfaces with the bitcoin banking method to allow you to facilitate your transactions at your leisure. Regardless of whether you're watching the kids at the park, riding on the bus, taking a break from your work station or waiting for an appointment, you'll be able to gamble with bitcoins at your leisure.

If you have any questions about bitcoin gambling or any other aspects of the casino, contact the casino support line. The support line is available 24/7 so you can connect with the staff in English, French or many other language and ask your questions by chat, email or freephone.