Admiral Coin Online Casino Review

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When you play at the Admiral Coin Casino you'll find a high quality casino environment where you can play all of the top-ranked games for real money prizes. The Admiral Coin Casino supports bitcoin payment methods which involve using a cybercurrency for financial transactions.

There are several casinos online accepting bitcoins but, until recently, they haven't offered the kind of gambling entertainment that online gamblers want and expect. Today Admiral Coin and other online bitcoin casinos have expanded their features to create a high-caliber gaming environment of fun, excitement and real money prizes via the bitcoin cybercurrency payment method.

Admiral Coin online casino offers gambling entertainment for everyone. Regardless of whether you're a beginning gambler or a long-time player, you'll find games that challenge you while providing you with multiple opportunities to earn real money prizes.

Bitcoin Payments

Over the past few years bitcoins have changed the global financial structure completely. Many players prefer to gamble with bitcoins because the bitcoin payment method is decentralized and independent. There are no management bodies nor are there any intermediaries involved since all services are performed by the users themselves. Bitcoins offer a serious attempt for a monetary revolution and, for gamers, present the ideal currency for real money playing at an online casino.

Admiral Coin Casino only supports bitcoins as a payment method. That's why gambling at the Admiral Coin casino is such a comfortable and pleasant experience. This payment system is distinguished by its ease of use, a highest security level, absolute anonymity, easy availability and low fees.

Bitcoin players can be confident that their payment operations will be performed at a maximum speed. No one can block or raid a bitcoin account so it's possible to simply sit back and enjoy the gaming activities without worrying about all the issues that surround Internet banking at other casinos.

Admiral Coin Games

Admiral Coin Casino offers all of the top games which you can play on your PC or on your mobile device. Admiral Coin games include Classic Roulette and American Roulette, Marlyns Poker II, Joker Poker, Double Joker Poker and American Poker II and a wide variety of five-reel classic slot machines with engaging themes of romance, intrigue, adventure, humor, travel, history, magic, mystery, mysticism, whimsy, science fiction and more.

The casino features high definition imagery and 3D graphics that create a feast for the eyes while you compete for cash for your pocketbook. The winners' meter runs continuously on the side of the screen to notify you of current standings and recent payouts.

Player Convenience

Gamblers throughout Canada are increasingly turning to Admiral Coin for all of their gambling needs. Bitcoin financial transactions are becoming more accepted and are even used at well-known Internet merchants including eBay and Amazon. Bitcoins interface with Paypal so users can easily transfer their bitcoins into their national currency at their leisure.

Admiral Coin players appreciate the convenience of bitcoin gaming which is protected by high-level cryptography. If the user takes the necessary actions to protect his bitcoin wallet, he doesn't have to worry about theft, fraud, account blockage or interference with funds.

Bitcoin is an open resource which runs autonomously. Information on transactions is maintained in an encrypted form to which all system members have access.

Using bitcoins, you can make your casino deposits and receive your payments free of charge. You need to create a bitcoin wallet for your gambling activities and you're ready to go.

To get started, create a bitcoin wallet. It's best to choose the most suitable variant of a wallet based on the platform that you intend to use most often for making payments. You'll also need to take your personal needs into account. If you value ease and speed, you'll create one type of bitcoin wallet while if you are more concerned about security and anonymity you'll choose a different type of wallet. Web wallets are the most popular. These wallets, including blockchain, sparecoins and coinjar, offer convenience and ease of use.

Buy your bitcoins

There are a wide range of websites, including ItBit, BitStamp,, coinbase, KRAKEN, BTC-E and CoinJar which make it simple and convenient to purchase bitcoins. You can also buy bitcoins from other members of your community at websites such as

Now you're ready to start playing your casino games. Sign into the Admiral Coin casino and select your preferred game. Make your deposit via your bitcoin wallet and enjoy the gaming adventure.

Why Bitcoins

Online casinos have conducted transactions via digital banking methods for many years so why is the bitcoin method so popular?

Using bitcoins allows you to speed up your financial activities. Transfers are facilitated within minutes as you enjoy full security and control over your money. You can use your bitcoins anonymously and, best of all, there are low or no fees for making bitcoin transactions.

Using bitcoins on mobiles is just as easy. You can make your casino deposits via a simple two-step system of scan-and-pay. There's no need to sign up, swipe your card, type in a PIN number, or sign anything. All you need to make and receive Bitcoin payments is the QR code in your Bitcoin wallet app.

If you're looking for a convenient online casino venue, check out the Admiral Coin bitcoin casino.