Bit777 Casino Review

Bit777 offers a new kind of casino in which you can gamble using bitcoins or another preferred cybercurrency. Bit777 Casino is now open to players from around the world who can gamble at the Canadian cybercurrency casino for a satisfying gambling experience.

Canada's bitcoin casinos are slowly becoming normative for casino gamblers who find that the advantages of bitcoin online casinos outweigh any concerns involved in using the new type of banking. There are several online casinos accepting bitcoins in Canada but the Bit777 bitcoin online casino is one of the oldest. Bit777 Casino presents a wide range of games, an interactive website and 24/7 casino support which allows you to enjoy your gambling adventure in a new and exciting fashion.

Bit777 Platforms

Bit777 casino's software was developed and is maintained by UltraPlay, one of the leading online gaming software companies. UltraPlay brings its vast experience in online gaming from the "brick and mortar" casino world to online gambling with a casino that offers all of the best and newest technology for your gaming pleasure. The Bit777 casino relies on the Mersenne Twister randomizing technology which ensures fair gaming for all casino games.

You can play at Bit777 at your leisure at on the casino's Instant platform or on your mobile device. Instant casino gamers simply sign into the casino and play right on any PC's browser. If you're a mobile gamer you can open Bit777 on your mobile screen and enjoy your preferred games 24/7 on your tablet or smartphone browser.

The bitcoin deposit and withdrawal method doesn't involve any transaction fees so the Bit777 casino is able to offer a low house edge to increase your payouts and ensure that you enjoy a highly rewarding gaming event.

Bit777 Games

Bit777 offers a wide variety of games including dice games, the sic bo lottery, raffles and dozens of card game options such as Red Dog, Let 'Em Ride, Hi-Lo Switch, Caribbean Poker, Casino War, 3 Card Poker, Trey Poker, Jacks or Better, Joker Export, Deuces Wild, All American 3 Card Brag, Stud Poker, Oasis Poker, Texas Hold'em Poker, Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker, Standard Single Hand BlackJack, Standard Multi-Hand BlackJack,Blackjack Pontoon, SnapJack, BlackJack Switch, BlackJack Double Exposure, BlackJack Surrender, Spanish Blackjack and baccarat.

You'll also find entertaining baccarat games and three different versions of scratch card and multiple versions of roulette at Bit777 Casino including La Boule, La Boule High Rollers, European Roulette, American Roulette, No Zero Roulette, French Roulette and Card Roulette.

One of the most engaging features of the casino is the Mystery Jackpot which gives you additional chances to win even if you don’t have a winning combination. Mystery Jackpot payouts are paid out over and above the Bit777 standard jackpots. These Mystery Jackpot payouts don’t affect your normal game play or the standard jackpot amounts. Mystery Jackpots are available at any marked game table.

Bitcoin Cybercurrency

Financial transactions at Bit777 Casino are facilitated through Bitpay. The casino uses bitcoins exclusively for the real money games. As you're planning your bankroll you can prepare by remembering that the casino operates according to the mBTC system so all deposits are now converted to mBTC. For purposes of casino gambling, 1 BTC equals 1000 mBTC.

Given that the lowest bets on the games table are 0.1 mBTC, this means that the casinos lowest bets are 0.0001 btc for slots and video poker games.

How to Instant Gamble at Bit777

Gambling with bitcoins is more complicated than Internet banking gambling activities but once you've learned the strategy and the tips you'll be able to play in an enhanced environment of safe and secure cybercurrency entertainment.

To start your Instant Gamble, select the percentage that you want to gamble and indicate your bet on the Deposit Page. Then, deposit bitcoins into your Bit777 deposit address. If you win your gamble, your bonus will be automatically credited to your account. The casino takes a 1% commission. If you lose your gamble, that percentage is withheld from your deposit.

The Gamble is active for all consecutive deposits unless you switch it off. The maximum Gamble is 1btc (100 credits).

The Instant Gamble works by entering a standby mode to await your next deposit after you set your percentage. Once you complete your deposit, the system takes the hashes that come with the transaction and converts them in True/False state

If the result is true, you win and your account will be credited with the set percentage (minus the 1% commission for the casino). If the result is false, the set percentage is deducted from your account

The True/False is based on Odds and Evens. The blockchain generates 2 hashes with every deposit, combining HASH1 and HASH2 to get the final HASH. Every symbol in the HASH has a unique digit value and the casino sums up all digits to get a True/False result.

Any winnings and balance are nullified with no refund if there's a double spend or false deposits.


Bit777 Casino offers a rich gaming experience with captivating imagery to give you a high quality casino adventure. The casino features a full-screen mode with sound control that enables you to control the music and sound effects along with a speed control that gives you a choice between Normal and Fast gameplay.