Coin Royale Casino Welcomes Bitcoin

There are a number of advantages to using bitcoins whether trading online or playing casino games at one of the bitcoin online casinos. The Coin Royale Casino is one of a number of online casinos that offer deposits and withdrawals using bitcoins. The bitcoin is a virtual currency that is traded in real terms online. Each bitcoin has its own unique algorithm and the bitcoins and created and produced in a controlled manner through creation of the unique algorithms.

Many players like to play at an online casino with bitcoins in Canada because they are so easy and simple to use and the player maintains anonymity with the bitcoins, none of his personal or financial information is divulged when using bitcoins. The CoinRoyale casino does not yet have a mobile section so it is not possible to play mobile casino games through this casino using bitcoins but there are a number of mobile casinos accepting bitcoins and the Coin Royale Casino will be joining this group in the very near future becoming one of the top mobile casinos in addition to being a place to play online with bitcoins in Canada.

Games Offered at the Coin Royale Casino

Access to the Coin Royale Casino is instant as soon as a player searches online for the casino. All of the games offered can be played for fun and practice for as long as the player deems necessary and when ready he can click on the link to play for real money with bitcoins. The instant access means that there is no waiting around by the player and he can immediately be enjoying the casino games in real time.

The CoinRoyale casino offers a blackjack game, a game of baccarat, video poker, roulette and a very simple slots game. The slots game has three reels and up to five paylines with traditional symbols of lemons, cherries, grapes, single bars, double bars and triple bars. Players can choose how much they want to bet on the slots or any of the games according to the number of units they want to bet. The bitcoins have a special value that is set according to the trading levels of the bitcoins that can be related to a dollar or euro for the player to understand how much money he is holding in real terms.

Staying Anonymous with Bitcoins at the Coin Royale Casino

Using the bitcoins is a great way to stay anonymous with no need to input any personal details to the system and also the player does not divulge any of his own personal or financial information. The casino offers a help and guidance section for players who are not familiar with how to use the bitcoins. There is also a customer service and support that is available around the clock day and night at the Coin Royale Casino and can be contacted via email. The casino offers its games in three different languages, Chinese, English and Bahasa (for Indonesians).

Registration is very simple and once complete the player can begin his real money games by transferring his unique bitcoin codes to the casino and start playing one of the great games. These games are advertised as “provably fair” with a detailed confirmed system that shows how the odds of the games are fair to each player and there is no weighted advantage to the casino. Playing at this casino is not only fun and easy but it can ultimately be quite rewarding too and with the anonymity that the bitcoins offer, it is a great way to enjoy a selection of top casino games that can be tried out for fun or practice before the real bitcoin bets are placed.