Bitcoin Casino Software Guide

Bitcoin is an innovative online payment system first introduced in 2009. Bitcoin is a peer to peer network; payments are made and recorded in a public ledger with no single administrator in charge of the accounts. Bitcoin is often described as a decentralized crypto currency. Anyone can create an account and open up a Bitcoin wallet to use as a payment method for buying goods and services online.

Once you have opened an account, you can ‘mine’ coins from servers or you can make your way to an online exchange at a site such as Coinbase. Bitcoins can also be bought and sold with many different currencies from other individuals and from other companies. Your bitcoin wallet has a personal ID that is known only to you and you will need to use the ID to make online transactions. Bitcoin transactions are completed instantaneously.

The value of the bitcoin fluctuates in line with supply and demand. The increasing popularity of bitcoins has resulted in many financial institutions accepting it as a valid currency.

The online casino has always been forward thinking and ahead of online trends. Gamblers across the globe noticed the efficiency and ease of using Bitcoins online and with this in mind, a number of online casinos have taken the initiative and created Bitcoin casino software.


A bitcoin casino is one where all financial transactions are made using bitcoins. The significance of the payment option is quite considerable. In a mainstream online casino, transactions are generally made using credit cards, voucher, bank transfers or e-wallets. This is one of the most costly parts of running the online casino and both the player and the casino will often incur a fee for their payment choice.

Due to the free nature of the bitcoins, a bitcoin casino does not have to shoulder the cost of transferring money to and from the player and is therefore able to offer better promotions and offers to players as well as better odds on the casino games. In addition, they can afford to accept lower minimum wagers, so everyone can afford to play.

There are two main kinds of bitcoin casino software;

Some of the popular bitcoin casino software providers in the market are Playfors, UltraPlay, Softswiss, Playtech and Microgaming. Playtech and Microgaming are already renowned around the world for their incredible games, and their bitcoin casino software is equally impressive. Poker, Blackjack, slots, Bingo and more can be enjoyed with the bitcoin options from both of these industry legends, including enthralling live dealer games.

Playfors is an exciting developer, and is still as fresh and innovative as when the company was formed in 2013. Their bitcoin online casino slots software offers exciting titles, some with cinematic 3D graphics, and their live dealer offering is also impressive.

UltraPlay is ideal for gamblers who want to enjoy sports betting as well as casino games, while SoftSwiss is known for its elegant online software designs. I particularly enjoy their diverse Roulette and Video Poker releases. A few of the most popular Bitcoin online casinos that make use of the above mentioned software providers are Bit777 Casino, Peerbet, Bitcoin Casino 24, BC Casino and Betcoin Sports.


The games at the Bitcoin online casino are of top quality and will suit every player’s gaming expectations. Many of the bitcoin casinos offer a complete gaming platform with casino games, lotteries, poker and sportsbooks in one gaming platform.

The bitcoin casinos offer the full range of casino games that are offered at all of the online casinos including a comprehensive array of slots with larger payout percentages than those at the traditional online casinos. Some of the bitcoin casinos offer percentages as high as 99% on their slots games.

Other games on offer at the bitcoin casinos are the table games including many variations of Blackjack, Roulette and Poker.

Many of the bitcoin casinos have also begun to offer live dealer casino games where players can enjoy the real Vegas experience complete with a live stream and the opportunity to chat with other players at the casino.


The greatest advantage of playing at a bitcoin online casino is the hassle-free payment option that allows you to instantaneously deposit and withdraw funds with complete anonymity.

The bitcoin software is improving and evolving all the time. To date, the casino offers a rich portfolio of high quality casino games as well as a well designed website that can be played on a wide variety of browsers and devices including mobile devices.

The bitcoin casinos also offer 24/7 customer service and a range of great promotions.

The lower overheads of running a bitcoin online casino have also resulted in games with incredibly good odds, for many players this is the real game changer. . As long as you choose to play at reputable sites, such as the ones you will find listed here, you'll have a great time playing games that are powered by bitcoin casino software.