Doo Tron Platform Disappears Into Thin Air

Darcy Bradford | 30-04-2019

DootronA popular decentralised cryptocurrency-based games platform has disappeared into thin air as if it had never even existed, leaving many players down and out and with nothing left of their winnings or their coins. Doo Tron has officially been declared a scam.

Multiple crypto gambling platforms have popped up all over the ether in the last 12 months, and despite regulatory uncertainty that continues to plague the world of cryptocurrencies, millions of players continued to sign up in their droves. Part of the magnetic attraction is the fact that a crypto-coin may be worth a dollar today and 20 dollars in a week’s time from now. But the higher the return, the higher the risk and anonymous online currencies come with a very high price to pay when things do happen to go belly-up.

59 Million In Vanished Coins

The digi-money that left the ether short on the heels of the owners of Doo Tron is estimated at 59 million in DOO-tokens. According to the initial estimates, the disappearance has left a total of 1,024 investors seriously out of pocket. The tokens in question were all in circulation when the platform did a sudden disappearing act.

Decentralised gambling applications are highly popular and the TRON network is the go-to network for many crypto-gamers and crypto-investors. The network’s dwellers enjoy complete anonymity, a status preferred by many for various reasons. One can only surmise at some of the possible motivations, but most people prefer to gamble with cryptocurrencies due to the fact that no financial identity is associated with the digi-money, making it 100% safe for online trade.

This Is Where Illegal Comes To Play

But there’s also another side to the crypto-coin. The use of currencies that cannot be traced opens up a world of possibilities for illegal black-market gambling. Japan, according to TRON, has become a prime target. Online gambling is illegal in Japan, and engaging on illegal platforms means that players enjoy absolutely no regulatory protection, leaving these players wide open for all kinds of exploitation.

TRON has yet to publish an official statement on the status of the vanished coins, but for many, this is a reminder why playing at legal and licensed casinos is the only way to go.