FunFair Gaming Wallet Makes Blockchain Easier

Darcy Bradford | 27-09-2019

blockchainFunFair Technologies has just released their latest offering to the decentralised and blockchain gaming communities. Their new FunFair Wallet is designed to operate as a means of securely and simply transferring Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. It’s a progressive move that is sure to put the company ahead of the curve in terms of getting players to sign up and start betting with crypto currencies.

The technology company has always prided itself on being on the forefront of innovation when it comes to online gambling. This new wallet has cemented their position as a progressive blockchain casino operator, according to a statement made by FunFair Technologies’ CEO, Jez San. This move should also help the company with their grand plan for mass adoption and to bring in a wide range of new players.

Onboarding Has Been The Issue

One of the biggest challenges facing companies like FunFair Technologies was the hurdles players consistently came up against when signing up to use crypto currencies to place bets. All blockchain projects up until now had to go through third party apps that often have complicated methods of converting money into crypto currencies and back again. The systems also have different security features to what people are used to from their banks. This created a lack of trust and regularly stopped people from signing up once they realised it would take time and effort to get access to their crypto currency.

With the FunFair Wallet, all of these concerns have been addressed. The company has stated that they wanted to ensure a seamless and quick process for players. It has a quick sign-up process that most players will be used to, as well as security features that are recognisable and simple choices for transferring regular currency into a crypto counterpart.

This wallet has also been designed specifically for use in the gaming industry on the two FunFair platforms: Crypto Casino and CasinoFair. What’s more, it is compatible with all devices, browsers and operating systems. This will certainly appeal to a much wider range of player and give more people the opportunity to use the technology.

Appealing To Millennials

According to San’s statement, the company is making moves to appeal to a much larger millennial audience. This wallet is the first step, because millennials are the generation more likely to be using crypto currencies and keen to adopt this method of betting.

FunFair Technologies has also revamped one of their blockchain operations – CasinoFair – and their overall brand identity. They are moving towards a more social approach and have created a more intuitive interface for players.