Win with Jurassic Park Online Slots

You may remember the extremely popular movies from the 90s created by none other than Steven Speilberg. These were movies about what would happen if a group of scientists got together with a dream that went terribly wrong. And Jurassic Park was the answer to what would happen. The movies were larger than life, filled with terrifying dinosaurs and people trying to undo what they had done. Now, all of this has come to life with the Jurassic Park Online Slots. And you can play it directly on your computer and have a blast reliving those times, or enjoying the themes in their modern day format. You can even play online games with bitcoins here and enjoy the 243 Ways to Win format of the game.

Getting Started

Now as you start the game as with any of the online games, you should understand the rules and the way to play. You can play in demo mode until you get the lay of the land. When, when you’re ready to play for real, you should look at places where they accept bitcoins as a payment method, and at the other methods that make you comfortable. You’ll find that the online casino sites offer many payment choices and when you wonder where can I play online games with bitcoins, you’ll have your answer.

Enjoying the Game

When you start the game you’ll see a jungle scene that looks tranquil. You’ll see all of your favorite characters from the movies including John Hammond, the creator of Jurassic Park, Alan Grant, ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm and more. The symbols all look like the movie and capture the feel of it. There are many dinosaurs here, of course, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptors. There are also Brachiosaurus and Triceratops. The scatter symbol when you play online games with bitcoins here is the amber. If you have two or more of them you’ll get a payout. And if you have three or more you’ll get to the free spins part of the game. The wild symbol here is the Jurassic Park logo and it is stacked so you can win even more.

Free Spins

As you play for real money with this site and enjoy bitcoins as a payment method, you may get to the free spins section where you’ll have five free spins features and you can select among them. The Tyrannosaurus Rex one gives you 12 free spins and wild reels. The Velociraptor one gives you 12 as well with multiplier wilds and split wilds. With the Triceratops section you’ll get 12 free spins and running wilds. With the Brachiosaurus part you’ll get 12 free spins with a mystery multiplier and in the final one, the Dilophosaurus part you’ll get 12 free spins with winning wilds.

Even More Fun

Now, the T-Rex alert can come randomly and if it does you’ll have 35 wild symbols added to your reels. This adds even more fun to the game, of course. So hurry over to you your favourite bitcoin casino and have a blast with the Jurassic Park game. Have more fun everytime that you play and pay for the games you love in the way that you want to do so. The game feels larger than life and the chance to play it is an awe-inspriing experience. Enjoy the game and paying the way you want to do so today.

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