Blockbuster Action in Terminator 2 Slots

If you’ve ever heard the expression “I’ll be back!” and you’ve known where it’s from – then you’re a fan of the movie the Terminator. If you haven’t seen this film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you may want to go and rent it, since it's definitely a classic. But even if you don’t know what we are talking about, you’ll love the theme as it is carried into the online slots game that has all the action you could possibly want in a great game. And you can play Canadian slots with bitcoins at this awesome game, making it a really forward-thinking and action packed experience.

The Game

As you start to see the game, you’ll see that it perfectly recreates the theme from the movie from 1991. The T-1000 want to kill the boy, John, since he will grow up to lead a resistance against the machines. His mom, Sarah, is there to try to protect him and the entire premise of the Terminator 2 online slots game is about this adventure. The game has been brought to the market by Microgmaing with a license deal with Studiocanal and it’s what everyone is talking about.

Playing Different Ways

As you start to play the game, you may want to play in demo mode to get a feel for it. This will allow you to see the rules and get a feel for the game and the theme. Then, when you are comfortable, it will be time to enjoy slots online with bitcoins or with one of the many other banking methods that you can play with this great game. So look for a bitcoin casino which will allow you to fund your online casino account with bitcoins, so you can get started enjoying the slots fun with Terminator 2 online slots and have a blast! When you play for real money the excitement obviously builds and you can really enjoy your time and your potential to win.

More Game Details

As you play online games with bitcoin, you have many ways to try to win. The game has 5 reels and the 243 Ways to Win format. During the bonus section, you’ll actually have 1024 ways to win. The free spins section adds another row of symbols so that you have that many more ways to win. Now, when the T-1000 symbol appears in the free spins part of the game, you’ll have another character transform for even more wins. If the T-800 vision feature comes out randomly you’ll see things through the T-800 Terminator and you can win cash payouts and more free spins with just one scatter.

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The graphics here are earth-shattering and exciting, building up the excitement and intensity of the game. With the entire premise that the machines are trying to kill the boy, you’ll feel the urgency of the game and the energy as you take off and try to help him to outbeat the machines. The look of the Terminator 2 online slots game closely mirrors that from the movie, with twenty years of more technology on hand of course. And the chance to play online games with bitcoin is certainly an exciting new layer that adds to the enjoyment as you play. You'll love to play slots online with bitcoins and to be part of this experience as you set out with Terminator 2.