Pharaoh’s Treasure Promo at All Slots

Who doesn’t love opening up presents, receiving a surprise bonus or dipping their hand into a golden, ornate treasure chest and extracting a wonderful gem? This month the June promotions at the online casinos- All Slots, All Jackpots, Wild Jack, First Web and VIP Lounge, include a unique Pharaoh Treasure Promo. As part of the promotion players will be invited to unlock up to three different treasure chests on eight separate occasions over the course of the month and walk away with some great bonus prizes including free spins and double loyalty points.


One of the top online casinos taking part in the Pharaoh Treasure promotion is the All Slots casino. All Slots is considered one of the leading Microgaming online casinos. Part of the Jackpot Factory Group, All Slots was established in the year 2000 and offers a huge range of top rate casino games and an especially large selection of slots games. As well as a generous welcome promotion, All Slots also offer a nice range of regular promotions, bitcoin online casino promotions and a very enticing VIP section. The casino games at All Slots are well known for their large jackpots and the many progressive games on offer make this a particularly good choice for players who are looking to play and win large payouts.


The Pharaoh Treasure Promo is the latest promotion at the All Slots Casino, and, as always there is the perfect combination of suspense, excitement and great prizes to make this another successful promotion.

The promotion runs for the entire month of June and is divided into eight different promotion periods. Every period lasts from 2 to 4 days and during this time players have the option of placing a large enough deposit and partaking in enough games to take part in the promotion. To qualify and have the opportunity of unlocking one of the treasure chests, players must make a minimum deposit of 10 bets per game and play 2 to 5 games. If you wish to open two of the treasure chests you must make a minimum deposit of 10 bets per game and play 6-10 games. If you wish to open all three of the treasure chests during any of the promotion periods, you must make a minimum deposit of 10 bets per game and play in at least 11 games.

If you qualify for a prize, make your way to the Pharaoh Treasure Promo page, insert your username and then click on the tab that says ‘UNLOCK MY TREASURE’. There are a number of different prizes hidden deep inside the treasure chests. You may win double loyalty points on specific games, a flat bonus of 5-100 bonus credits, or, you may win the best prize of all, free spins. These free spins can be played on the Avalon, Terminator II or Golden Princess slots games and they can be enjoyed in the instant, download or mobile versions.

The bonuses and free spins will be available to you immediately upon you opening your treasure chest. You must use your bonus prize within seven days, once this time is up the prize will be fortified.

The Pharaoh Treasure Promo – All Slots is a wonderful addition to the month of June. The wonderful month of June is the when the Egyptian Nile would begin to rise, a joyous and celebaratory occasion in Ancient Eygypt, it is perfectly fitting that Pharaoh should choose this month to share his many treasures with all of the grateful players at All Slots online casino!